How to Create Windows 7 Installer on USB Thumbdrive using Diskpart

We need Windows 7 installer on USB thumbrive for laptop which doesn’t have DVD Drive.

Below are steps on how to create Windows 7 installer on USB Thumbdrive.

1. Prepare a USB Thumbdrive with minimum 8GB size and a Windows 7 DVD installer.

2. Plug the thumbdrive and insert Windows 7 DVD into tray.

3. Run Diskpart program through Start => Run => Diskpart.

4. Type List Disk command to show all drives which are available on computer.

5. Choose the thumbdrive, here is named Disk 2, which has 7633 MB size or about 8GB, and then type command Select Disk 2.

6. After that type the following command in sequence:


create partition primary


format fs=fat32 quick


7. Next step is to copy all files from Windows 7 DVD into thumbdrive.

8. Reboot computer and choose thumbdrive (USB Hardisk) as boot device.

Note: some computer’s default boot options need to be changed in BIOS to be able to boot from thumbdrive (USB Hardisk).

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