How to Fix phpFox Error: “Unable to write to temporary folder: /tmp/”


phpFox is social network web-based application which can be used to build online community. I found this error message when installing phpFox:

Unable to write to temporary folder: /tmp/

To fix this problem, edit install/include/installer.class.php

$ nano install/include/installer.class.php

Find this line:

$this->_sTempDir = Phpfox::getLib('file')->getTempDir();

and modify to this:

//$this->_sTempDir = Phpfox::getLib('file')->getTempDir();

$this->_sTempDir = dirname(__FILE__) . '/temp/'; 

After that, create new folder:

$ mkdir install/include/temp 

Change the folder permission to 777:

$ chmod 777 install/include/temp 

After that redo phpFox installation

And problem will be gone.

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