How to Install Easy Hosting Control Panel (EHCP) on Ubuntu


is a free and open source web hosting control panel. This guide will show you how to install it on Ubuntu server.






  1. Check /etc/apt/sources.list. It should have the following line (replace oneiric with your version).

    deb oneiric main restricted
    deb-src oneiric main restricted
    deb oneiric-updates main restricted
    deb-src oneiric-updates main restricted
    deb oneiric universe
    deb-src oneiric universe
    deb oneiric-updates universe
    deb-src oneiric-updates universe
    deb oneiric multiverse
    deb-src oneiric multiverse
    deb oneiric-updates multiverse
    deb-src oneiric-updates multiverse
    deb oneiric-backports main restricted universe multiverse
    deb-src oneiric-backports main restricted universe multiverse
    deb oneiric partner
    deb-src oneiric partner
    deb oneiric-security main restricted
    deb-src oneiric-security main restricted
    deb oneiric-security universe
    deb-src oneiric-security universe
    deb oneiric-security multiverse
    deb oneiric-proposed restricted main multiverse universe
    deb-src oneiric-security multiverse

    You can edit the file using nano:

    $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

  2. Download EHCP, extract, and execute install script.

    $ wget
    $ tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
    $ cd ehcp
    $ ./

  3. Follow on-screen questions.

    MysQL root password:
    Enter your name:
    Enter your email:
    Enter MySQL Root password:
    Enter MySQL password for user 'ehcp':
    Enter EHCP panel admin password:
    Enter hostname:
    Enter IP:
    Select language:
    Install multimedia (ffmpg) program:
    Postfix configuration => choose Internet Site
    System mail name => type in
    Configuring courier-base => choose No
    Configuring courier-ssl => choose Ok
    Configuring phpmyadmin => choose apache2
    Configuring phpmyadmin => Configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common => choose Yes
    Configuring phpmyadmin => Password of the database's administrative user (enter root password)
    Configuring phpmyadmin => MySQL application password for phpmyadmin (enter phpmyadmin password)
    Configuring roundcube-core => Configure database for roundcube with dbconfig-common => choose Yes
    Configuring roundcube-core => Database type to be used by roundcube => choose mysql
    Configuring roundcube-core => Password of the database's administrative user (enter root password)
    Configuring roundcube-core => MySQL application password for roundcube (enter roundcube password)

  4. Done. Go to http://your_ip_address to go to EHCP.


    • Yes, you can use EHCP for localhost by modifying hosts file to point your domain name to your EHCP IP address.

  1. looks like my installation froze while installing php5-curl. Final two lines before it just stopped doing anything:

    Unpacking php5-curl (from …/php5-curl_5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb) …
    Processing triggers for php5-fpm …

    I can see the default ehcp page, but no login page is found. The installer hasn’t moved for about 24 hours. Should I kill the installer and try again?

    I’m on 12.10 Quantal Quetzal.

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