How to Root Samsung Galaxy SII Using CF-Root

Why do we need root?

  • We need root if we want to have full control over our system / handphone.

Why do we need full control over our handphone?

  • We need full control over our handphone because we can do system and apps backup, install custom ROM, modify current ROM, etc.

Below is how to root Samsung Galaxy SII using CF-Root.

  1. Identify your phone ROM by dialing *#1234# or go to Settings => About phone.
    Take note for ROM type like this: I9100DXKL3.
  2. Download Odin and CF-Root from this link. Choose the link which match your ROM.
  3. Extract both files. Open Odin and put ROM file into PDA entry. Make sure Re-Partition is not checked and press Start button.
  4. After finished, phone will reboot and it’s done.
  5. Go to Play Shop and update Superuser app.


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