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How to Create Bandwidth Usage Script on Linux

Using a tool called iftop we can monitor bandwidth usage via command line on Linux. But here we will create our own shell script

How to Create Windows 7 Installer on USB Thumbdrive using Diskpart

We need Windows 7 installer on USB thumbrive for laptop which doesn’t have DVD Drive. Below are steps on how to create Windows 7

How to Change Excerpt Length in WordPress

Function the_excerpt() can be used to show summary of article or post in WordPress. As default, the excerpt length is set to 55 words.

How to Install Google Analytics Code in Blogspot

For you who are new in using Blogspot and do not know how to install Google Analytics code on your Blogspot website, here is

Tutorial SQL: Select, Insert, Update, Delete

The following tutorial can be used as dictionary for beginner on SQL syntax. SQL syntaxes are used to manipulate data which are select, insert,

How to Check System Uptime on Windows

On Linux operating system, we can use command top to show system statistic, running processes, and uptime. How can we do it on Windows

How to Update Twitter Timeline Using PHP

Guide on this article can be used to post Twitter using PHP. First of all, download source code from Extract downloaded file to

How to Fix phpFox Error: “Unable to write to temporary folder: /tmp/”

phpFox is social network web-based application which can be used to build online community. I found this error message when installing phpFox: To fix

How to Insert Data Using Select Query in SQL Server 2005

This guide can be used to insert data into database using select query. Using above syntax, all data in second_table will be copied into

How to Install Virtualbox 4.1 on Linux Mint

Virtualbox Open Source Edition can be installed using Software Manager in Linux Mint. But if you want to use USB feature in Virtualbox, you