How to Upgrade EHCP 0.30.4 to 0.30.6


  1. Download version 0.30.6 from this link.
    # cd /root
    # wget
  2. Extract the file
    # tar zxvf ehcp_yeni.tgz
  3. Backup current EHCP
    # copy -R /var/www/new/ehcp /root/backup_ehcp
  4. Copy new EHCP
    # copy -R /root/ehcp /var/www/new/
  5. Copy config.php from backup
    # cp /root/backup_ehcp/config.php /var/www/new/ehcp
  6. Open browser and go to http://your_ip and login to EHCP. If you have logged in already, please logout and relogin.
  7. In EHCP, Go to Options and click Sync Domains.
  8. Fix webmail file permission
    # chown -R www-data /var/www/new/ehcp/webmail/data
  9. Done


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