Install FreeBSD 7.0 on BENQ Laptop

Hardware specification:
BENQ Joybook 2000 1.5 Ghz; RAM 512 MB

First of all, download .iso file from
There are 3 files to download:

  • disk1
  • disk2
  • disk3

Burn all .iso files into CD, and then start installation using disk1.
Step by step installation can be read on FreeBSD website.
After finished with sysintall, we do build and install kernel.
And then reboot PC.

The next step is login to system and configure KDE.
Install KDE from ‘sysinstall’.
And then configure Xorg:

# Xorg -configure

This command will output ‘’ file in /root folder.
Edit the file to your requirement.

# ee /root/

To activate optical mouse, I changed device setting /dev/sysmouse become /dev/psm0. This device can be found from dmesg:

# dmesg
# dmesg | grep psm

After finish editing, copy the file to /etc/X11 folder :

# cp /root/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Create ‘.xinitrc’ file :

# echo “exec startkde” > ~/.xinitrc

Start KDE using this command:

# startx

Another configuration:
1. Activate Intel Wireless PRO 2100 wireless.
Add this line into /boot/loader.conf file :


2. Activate sound driver Intel ICH4.
Add this line into /boot/loader.conf file :


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