How to Take Care Computer Mouse

Mouse becomes the most important tools for a set of personal computer (PC). Mouse will increase the speed and acceleration in the use of a PC. Mouse will always be used to input data, in addition to the keyboard. The most common form of mouse has two buttons, one at top left and top right that can be clicked. But there is also a single button, like on a Macintosh-based computer.

Mouse works by using motion capture which is coming from the ball moving on flat surface. The new generation mouse does not use a ball, but using an optical beam to detect motion. Some are already using wireless technology, both based radio, infrared or bluetooth.
So, in order to keep the mouse works fine, it needs to be treated and cared.

Mouse with ball usually got dirt that stuck to the ball and the wheel needs to be cleaned every week. While it is different for optical mouse models. Optic mouse models are easy to care. Try to keep the mouse pad and the surrounding areas always in dry conditions.
These are optical mouse cleaning steps:

  • Open the bottom bolts and remove components.
  • Once the components removed, wipe off with a brush or dry cloth.
  • Clean the dirt on the case using a brush, cloth or vacuum cleaner for computer devices.
  • After that, plug it in again.

Although to be diligently cared for, it should not be too often to open the case because optical mouse prone to broken. If you worry, just clean the outside only.


  • Taking good care of the computer mouse

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