Zerg Rush, New Game From Google

Zerg Rush, New Game From Google

Google make a version of the game Starcraft in its search pages. This new game can be accessed by typing the word Zerg Rush in the Google search box.

If you typed the Zerg Rush in the Google search box, it will appear a lot of the letter “O”. The letter “O” is the Zerg swarms that will destroy all your search results.

Zerg Rush is the latest feature easter egg from Google . Easter egg refers to the StarCraft 2 game made by Blizzard, developer of World of Warcraft game.

In the game of Starcraft 2, there are three types of occupants, the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. The Zerg has a unique force with the name “Zergling” is a small alien whose job it attacked a building in groups.

If a player has the Zergling troops in large numbers and attack towards the enemy barrage, then this is called “Zergling Rush“.

After typing Zerg Rush in the Google search box, you will be faced with a bunch of aliens in the form of the letter “O“. Your job is to protect the search results from a letter “O” attacks.

Simply by pointing the mouse pointer to the letter “O” that strikes your search results, and left click to destroy it.

At the end of the game, if you can not resist the onslaught of the letter “O“, the letter “O” will be assembled to form a large letters “GG“.

You can interpret the letters “GG” as the abbreviation “Google” or “GoodGame“, a term known by many gamers to show their appreciation for a good game.


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