EcoATM: Give A Better Price On Your Old Phone

EcoATM: Give A Better Price On Your Old Phone

Do you have a phone that want to sell? Perhaps you worry that your old phone will be worthless when it’s resold.

But now you do not have to worry about the phone you want to sell. With EcoATM, you can sell it well, without having to worry fooled, by the former mobile phone dealers.

EcoATM change your old mobile phone into instant cash, as well as ATM machines. In simple, sophisticated machine that will swallow up the phone and pay in cash.

Phones collected will then be further recycled. This idea was considered so brilliant. Its presence can minimize the content of electronic waste in the environment significantly.

EcoATM comes from San Diego, California, USA. The company claims as the first and only one in the world which makes technology used mobile phones to exchange cash for a good cause: recycling.

EcoATM has received an injection of investment funds and a grant from the National Science Foundation to develop breakthrough technologies and disseminate it widely.

The amount is confidential. However, the company definitely plans to produce massive EcoATM machines throughout the world gradually.

The way it works is quite simple. EcoATM machine will accept old cell phones and any portable electronic devices. Then, it will automatically check the condition and offer a suitable price. If agreed, the phone will be recycled and you instantly receive cash. If you do not agree, you can cancel it.

EcoATM also recognizes that cell phones have been damaged. An EcoATM machine, equipped with a scanner device (scanner).

As you would recycle your phone, you will be prompted to select your phone type. Then, the EcoATM will provide a data cable to diagnose the condition of the phone, including cell phone to see if it still works or not.

“The EcoATM system can work quickly . It was able to identify thousands of models of mobile phones and other mobile devices accurately. On the screen, you will see any damage to your phone’s internal systems. Then, EcoATM will offer the price according to the conditions,” said CEO EcoATM , Tom Tullie.

“We are very pleased to have obtained a patent this technology first. Our thanks to the National Science Foundation who have supported us to develop this technology to be enjoyed more widely,” he said.

Estimate of the price offered by the accumulated value of the secondary market. Sellers can get it in the form of cash or credit.

So far, during the trial, EcoATM has collected tens of thousands of devices and has to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars. EcoATM is said, about 50 percent of the collected cell phones for resale condition is still quite good, while 50 percent were recycled.


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  1. ben mills says:

    How much would I get for a Samsung Sgh t478 at echo ATM

  2. Dale Bailey says:

    Do you take Samsung TracFone ?

  3. Seth Moore says:

    How much will I get today for my iPhone model number -a1349 verizon carrier?

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