The Impact of Cheap Sunglasses for Your Eyes

In recent years the use of sunglasses is popular in Indonesia, especially among teenagers. The benefit is not to avoid the hot sun, but to support the style / appearance to look cute, pretty and cool. This triggers the production of cheap sunglasses (cheap and affordable prices). But the producers were smart not to be outdone, with very affordable prices, they make sunglasses with cheap raw materials as well. Usually not use glass lens (glasses), but with the use of plastic processed in such a way that resembles glass. Manufacturers do not think due to be received by the end-user “sunglasses”, they both benefit from this affordable sunglasses products continue to demand.
But you know, behind all the advantages of a very affordable price, the cheap sunglasses have a danger to the health of our eyes. A research conducted by a consumer protection agency in the UK found that the use of sunglasses cheap it can cause various health problems in the eye. The problem that often arises is, astigmatism and headache. This is due mostly cheap sunglasses that do not follow the health standards of laboratory tests for a sunglasses filter sunlight. Based on the results of checking, some sunglasses may result in bending of light effects and can cause double vision that can trigger headaches in some users. “Although this issue will not cause long-term vision damage, but will still arise feel uncomfortable, because the glasses did not meet the standards to be used,” said Joanna Pearl British health experts. Pearl suggested for people who want to buy sunglasses sun barrier to consider the health standards set forth by the health agencies of each region. In order to avoid the problem of vision-threatening eye.
Meanwhile, for those of you who are driving, with a sunglass, but is able to provide comfort while driving, especially in the afternoon to avoid traffic accidents, the blinding reflection can damage the retina of the eye. You still want to try wearing cheap sunglasses? So if you want to buy sunglass, in addition to choosing the right model, choose the type of lens that has been coated with UVA and UVB and minimizes light entering the 60-90% depending on the needs. For those of you who are going on holiday to the beach, choose the color is quite dark. But certainly not for those who only wear sunglass as a cosmetic for everyday needs.

Should buy sunglasses that actually ensure the health of your eyes. Although the price is slightly expensive most importantly, keep your eyes healthy. But keep in mind, the price is not necessarily an expensive item is authentic. Check and make sure that you buy glasses correct – correct UV Filter. Or the other alternative, if there do not want to spend lots of money and afraid to speculate with the quality of your sunglasses, it’s better to use an umbrella or a hat to protect from the sun.


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