How to Make Home Sweet Home

There is a proverb says “My house is my palace,” is that correct? And how did it happen when the condition of the house that we have not as grand as palaces, furniture that is not as fancy as a five star hotel. The term is used to describe the home in which to live. The house is a place to rest and take shelter from the rain and the heat of the sun. But sometimes human nature, when we look at family, friends we have a big house and fancy, there is a sense we are to have a luxurious and stately homes. Not to worry, most importantly, our homes can make us feel comfortable and happy to live there. Well for those of you who have not been able to create comfort in the house, maybe this could help.

Here I am sharing the following tips for your home comfortable and give you peace:
1. Take care of hygiene
We are going to feel comfortable, peaceful and quiet time to rest at home if the conditions are clean. Floors, walls, yard, bedroom, bathroom, dining table, living room watching television and a clean room will make the people who inhabit it to be healthy. So, do not forget to clean your house every day.
2. Choose a bright color wall paint
Choose the colors are bright and do not interfere with your eyes and your family. For example wall paint can be colored with light blue, light green, or white is always the trend of all time. Color is very good to make your room feel bright conditions though it was night. These colors are also very friendly to the eye. Guaranteed you will feel comfortable at home.
3. Place the plants on the balcony or terrace houses
Green plants is an element that is effective enough to reduce heat in the house. Green plants will release oxygen which is good for you and you suck carbon dioxide waste. Instead of using the freshness of the air-conditioning, better get the natural freshness of the plant. You can put it on the balcony, porch, patio and rear corners of the room in the house.
4. Let the sunshine in
Try to create a window that could provide a gap of sunlight into the room. In addition to killing germs and mosquitoes, sunlight can also save your electricity usage. Home with the lighting (sunlight) is not moist enough and healthy air circulation.
5. Layout
Arrange the items in your home as well. Keep unused items in storage so as not to interfere and make a narrow room in your home. Neat layout that would create the impression of a big house and a comfortable atmosphere at home. If your house is quite narrow space, then the items you purchase should not be too large, and do not put too much stuff. Choose a minimalist concept for your home furnishings.
6. Unique Lighting
Ornaments adorn your house with lights that add to your home more beautiful at night. Lights should be placed in the right corner of the room. Adjust the placement of furniture, so that no part of the house seemed dark.
7. Create a fresh smell in the room of your home
Place perfume indoor / natural perfume aroma therapy in the living room, family room, bedroom, and bathroom. Smell fresh and fragrant, like the smell of aromatherapy will make you feel calm, relaxing after a day of activities outside the home, and make your home more comfortable and at ease.
8. Create a warm atmosphere at home
For those of you who already have a family, it is important to create a warm atmosphere with the family arrived home after a day’s activity. With dinner with the family, and bercengkrama menyempatkan family gathered for example, watching tv and accompany the children to learn, or chat activity outside the traveled daily. Besides being a place and most anticipated events at home, it is important to keep your harmony and closeness with the family.

A comfortable home that does not have a large and luxurious. Provided you can set it up well, although small will definitely feel like a magnificent palace. If you’re comfortable, you and your family can play at home with joy. So, thankful for the house that you currently have. Make your home comfortable and deserve to be called home sweet home …

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