Parenting Mistakes

Every parent will want to parenting their children with the best and correct way. But unfortunately sometimes what they are doing precisely the opposite, one way to educate and be bad for children. Mistakes like this that sometimes goes unnoticed by many parents, to educate children in a way that is hard. However, educating children in a way not to spoil too good for children’s mental, which could reflect badly on his future. In educating our children is okay to be firm, but wrong if you use the hard way / violence, or otherwise by way of spoiling him. So you’re not mistaken as to educate children, you need to know which way is right and wrong way. Here I am sharing here are 7 ways to educate children is wrong. You should avoid and not to happen to you / your child.

1. Too generous to give a gift

Giving expensive gifts and fancy to the child will only form the character of a spoiled child and generous in the future. Giving gifts is not wrong, but should be coupled with children’s achievement, such as achievement in school. But keep in mind, not too often promises to give gifts to children for the sake of the little things and do everyday. It will actually make a child’s character is always selfless in every action and effort is done. Children become not sincere in carrying out your orders, but because you want the promised gift. In fact, the longer the child will be more smart to bid or request gift he wanted.

2. Too demanding

Sometimes the ambition of parents of children too much. Just think of the national exam has become a burden on the child. Especially if you require the child to get good grades. This way will only make the burden on the child’s mind will increase and the child may become stressed. Better you rely only on the ability of the child. As long as he wants to try to learn, you do not need to demand all sorts, because it all is hard enough for him. Parents are only responsible for directing the child was not set. Remember, always support it on the right track and remind your child if he had started off on the right track.

3. Too burdened

Do not overload the child with a problem or it is not appropriate at her age. For example, after school, you do not give him time to rest, but must continue with the various activities of additional courses from Monday to Saturday. Children also need time to rest. So let your child rest, may be a way to play for a while or take a nap. Noteworthy is, the children are not likely to recur. Allow your children grow happily in the age of the children with play, learn, and do not forget to rest during the day (sleep), this is a must-have habits of children.

4. No time

The reason you are too busy at work cause you do not have time to gather with the children. Though childhood is the most need their parents to be role models and form the character of the growth and development. Try to spend time together and talking with your child from now on. That way you will know what activities he was doing in school and what problems he faces. You also have the opportunity to give advice and lead on the positive things.

5. Compare

Many parents compare their children with others, his own brother, or friend. Know the condition it would only make the child feel more unworthy. You need to know that the ability of each child is different, so try to give him the motivation and support to the potential available to it. Trying to understand his weaknesses and further hone skills / abilities he had, and you as parents must lead to positive things.

6. Improper behavior in the presence of children

Children tend to imitate their parents behavior. A child who always yelled at, scolded, or yelled at, will grow with the belief that he is okay to communicate with yelling, nagging, or anger. Or, a parent’s love spoke loud / high. Usually the children were imitating the greater the parents’ habitual ways of communication that is speaking in a loud / high.

7. Less able / not able to keep emotions in front of children

Sometimes we are too upset if the behavior or delinquency of children can not control our emotions as a parent. To occur when the severity of violence, such as our anger to hit the children. Well, this is wrong. Do not get angry because we punish children by a punch. Better child punished with locked / locked in the room a few moments. Let her cry until calm. Then hug her when she had calmed down. at this quiet, the perfect time to advise him. And tell what it was.

Hopefully the above errors can be useful for parents in educating their children. I also continue to study to become a better parent. Just as children learn from parents. If you ignin share your experiences as parents, can share here :)

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