Maine Coon The Biggest Cat of All Cats Race

Maine Coon The Biggest Cat of All Cats Race

Maine Coon cats are the largest among all races of cats. Maine Coon cats come from the US. But the origin of these cats was not known.

One of these myths include the fugitive Queen of France, Marie Antoinette to America. Before Marie Antoinette was executed, she tried to escape from France with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. Marie took all their possessions, including six long-haired cat. Although she never got to the USA, the cat survived down to Wiscasset, Maine. The cat was then mate with a local short-haired cat.

Another myth says that the Maine Coon cat is a cross-breeding between cats and raccoons because of its tail like a racoon. And maybe because of that, the name of the racoon was adopted on the last name of this cat race.

Maine Coon cats can survive in the snow and cold air because it has a thick fur and water resistant. A very thick fur is also located on the legs, abdomen and neck.

Maine Coon cat has a great body. For male cats weighing between 6-9 kg. As for the female cat 4-6 kg. Maine Coon also has large eyes and ears reflects.

Generally the characteristics of Maine Coon cats are as follows:

  1. Great body and length of the fiber is somewhat quadrangular
  2. Having strong bones and muscles
  3. Eyes wide and oval shaped
  4. Ear large (width at bottom)
  5. Curved forehead
  6. Very prominent cheek muscles
  7. Nose width and curved at the end
  8. Tail length and width
  9. As described above fur is thick and waterproof (slightly oily)

Maine Coon cats possess close to the humans or its master. Having an active nature and likes to roam around the its master, unlike the Persian Cats are fond of sleep.


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