jBatik : Software to Design Batik Motif

Batik usually drawn using pencil and takes days to make. But with the help of computers, batik motif can be create quickly and easily. This was done through a special software called jBatik. jBatik created by Nancy Margried and two of her friends, Muhammad Nukman and Yun Hariadi.

Until now, the manufacture of batik has always done traditionally, especially in terms of pattern making. Traditionally, producers take days to weeks to make a batik motif. Yet, to meet the needs of the market, producers required to be able to make quickly.

Nancy and her colleagues then have an idea to develop software that can facilitate the making of batik motif. Then came the idea of batik fractal making, batik motif created with the help of computer software. Since 2008, jBatik software went on sale. A commercial version called jBatik Pro.

However, Nancy says, the majority of batik in Indonesia is not accustomed to using the software. It is so challenging. However, slowly began to buy batik software. Until now, software jBatik Pro sold 400 units already.

This software consists of two editions, jBatik Pro for professional andĀ  jBatik Mini for beginners. JBatik Pro has been upgraded twice and is sold at IDR 300,000. jBatik Mini has not been launch and will only be sold for IDR 30,000. Especially for jBatik Mini, batik design is made such as making puzzle. Users can choose batik patterns that exist, merge, rotate, change colors to reproduce the pattern with a single touch.

This software only require creativity and any user can create their favoriteĀ  batik motif with ease. But if users want a more professional batik designs, then the user can use the jBatik Pro who have applied the concept of fractal.


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