HandyCache : Alternative Squid for Windows

HandyCache is free software that can speed up the loading site and saves your internet traffic. HandyCache can also block access to certain sites.
By using HandyCache the traffic that occurs during the use of the internet will be reduced to 3-4 times. This can occur because of cache that should be taken from the Internet, is provided in the local computer.

HandyCache store a particular cache, you do not need to download the cache repeatedly every surf the Internet. In addition, because the cache stored on your local computer, then the sites you’ve visited can be opened offline without having to connect to the internet.

HandyCache software works like Squid (Linux) or SquidNT (Windows). HandyCache has the look of a more familiar interface than the Squid software. You should really learn the basics of squid to be able to perform the configuration. This does not apply in HandyCache.

HandyCache has features including:

  1. A very friendly user interface (GUI-based, text mode is also available).
  2. Do not require installation.
  3. Do not require restart / reboot the computer after the settings / configuration.
  4. Saves internet bandwidth quota
  5. Speed up the connection if the site is in the open once the access.
  6. Super Video Streaming (streaming video quick access).
  7. Able to save streaming audio and video (audio / video caching).
  8. Can be harvested streaming video from sites like YouTube.
  9. Configuration / setting rules are very flexible.
  10. Can block a Domain, IP, Web site or URL or block ads.
  11. Transformation + Link / URL is very flexible
  12. Support regex (regular expression) for special purposes.
  13. Speed up your internet connection.
  14. Access the online games are very fast if ever in the previous access.
  15. Can be used for various types of internet line (ADSL, Dial-Up, ISDN / Broadband, GSM, CDMA, etc.).
  16. Can be combined with other software very easily.
  17. Can be used in conjunction with a router like mikrotik.
  18. Support for virtualization software, such as: VirtualBox and VMWare.
  19. Amazing collaboration by using a combination of certain software.
  20. And many more.

Here is step by step on how to start and configure HandyCache

1. Download HandyCache from here : http://handycache.ru/

2. Extract to your harddrive.

3. The HandyCache default language is Russian, but don’t worry, you may change the language option.

4. Ok, now HandyCache already in English.

5. Change the HandyCache directory to save the cache. Choose the largest disk partition to store the cache.

6. Add a little tweak to HandyCache :

7. Open your browser (I use Mozilla Firefox). Choose ToolsOption

8. Select Advance tab – Network tab – and click on Settings button

9. Check on Manual Proxy Configuration. Input on Http Proxy input box, and 8080 as proxy port. Click Ok button to close and accept the change.

10. Your HandyCache is ready to speed up your internet connection !

HandyCache is free for non commersial use up to 5 users. However you need to buy a lisence to use more than 5 users.


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