How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000


I have Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000) with Gingerbread stock ROM from Singtel Singapore. This is what I’ve done to convert Gingerbread into Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). I followed the guides from XDA Developer forum.

  1. Install Overcome ROM by following this guide.
  2. Download ICS ROM from HumberOS website. I use P1000 model Galaxy Tab, so I downloaded 2 files: and
  3. Copy all files to Galaxy Tab’s sdcard.
  4. Boot into recovery: press Volume Up + Power button.
  5. Wipe cache, dalvik, factory reset
  6. Install from zip file: ROM file (don’t reboot)
  7. Install from zip file: Kernel fileย
  8. Reboot and done.

Two days before, I flashed HumberOS kernel version 20120121 and after that I installed screen rotation fix, google apps fix, build.prop file, and phone.apk in below sequence to make call feature and Whatsapp work:

  1. Download all the files: build.prop, Google apps fix, screen rotation fix, phone.apk. Put all files to Galaxy Tab’s sdcard. You can boot into recovery and mount /sdcard to your PC to transfer the files.
  2. Upload build.prop
    Open Terminal app and execute these commands:

    $ su
    # cp /sdcard/build.prop /system
  3. Flash Google apps fix
    Boot into recovery and flash the zip file.
  4. Flash screen rotation fix
    Boot into recovery and flash the zip file.
  5. Upload phone.apk
    Open Terminal app and execute these commands:

    $ su
    # cp /sdcard/Phone.apk /system/app


Update Jan 30:

HumberOS updated the ROM and kernel files. There is bluetooth fix need to be downloaded and flashed from recovery.

humberos 30/01/2012


Update Feb 2:

HumberOS updated the ROM. Kernel still uses update Jan 30. Gapps file included to be flashed from recovery.


Update Mar 7:

HumberOS updated the ROM and Kernel.


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