Ludruk from East Java, Indonesia

Ludruk is the art of traditional dramas of East Java, Indonesia. Ludruk was exhibited by a group of art in by taking the stories of everyday people’s lives, stories of struggle and others are interspersed with jokes and accompanied by the gamelan as a musical.
Dialogue / monologue in ludruk are entertaining and make the audience laugh, using typical language of Surabaya, although occasionally there are guest stars from other areas such as Jombang, Malang, Madura, Madiun with a different accent. Straightforward language that is used in ludruk making it easily absorbed by the non-intellect (pedicab drivers, watchmen, drivers of public transport, etc). A performance usually begins with a ludruk dance Remo and interspersed with the staging of a character who role as “Mr. Sakera”, a master of Madura. Ludruk different with ketoprak from Central Java. Ketoprak stories often taken from the story of ancient times (both history and myth), and is delivering a particular message. While ludruk tells the story of everyday life (usually) among the underprivileged.

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