How to Fix MTP USB Driver Error

MTP Device

MTP device is used by Samsung Kies application to connect to Samsung mobile phone through PC using USB cable.

This is how to setup your Android phone to use Samsung Kies:

  1. Go to Setting => Application => Development, and then make sure USB Debugging is unchecked.
  2. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  3. Turn on Samsung Kies and it will try connecting to the phone.

But the problem came when I connect my phone to the PC. Windows unable to install driver for MTP device. I tried Troubleshoot Connection Error button but still couldn’t solve the problem. After I search on internet, I found that this problem can be solved by deleting long file extension inside sdcard.

MTP Device

  1. Download this tool to search for long file extension.
  2. Extract the .zip file and run the .exe file.
  3. Click Search button and delete manually the files found.
  4. After all files with long extension have been deleted, you can try again connect the mobile phone to PC.
  5. Kies will detect the phone now.

file searcher


14 thoughts on “How to Fix MTP USB Driver Error

  1. hi kumkum,
    i am facing same problem.if i click search button, explorer is opened. which folder i have to search for longfile extensions. pls help..


    1. Hi, santy. Select the drive letter where your phone is mounted at. If your phone is mounted as G: drive, then select G: drive to search for long extension files.

  2. Hi, the problem id that without MTP the drive is not mounted so I only have my C: drive and nothing related to my phone.

    1. Hi, Red-Erik

      Is your phone running Android system? If yes, you can press Home button to disable Kies and press ‘USB connected’ notification in status bar and press ‘Turn on USB storage’ button to mount your sdcard to PC.

      Alternatively, if you have ClockworkMod recovery in your phone, you can boot into recovery and mount /sdcard to your PC to transfer the files.

      1. I’m having the same issue, the only options are for MTP device (which isn’t being recognized and PTP). The phone doesn’t even show up in the as being connected.

  3. i have a galaxy nexus. rooted .
    did everything you said to do here and it still has mtp error. there is 2 choices on the phone. camera (ptp)and media (mtp) no other choices on phone to select for usb to pc..
    have a lot of files from old phone i want to install on the nexus… didnt know it didnt come with sd card.. that would have been so much easier.,


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