Install 3.5G Huawei E220 on FreeBSD

This is my note on installing Huawei E220 modem on FreeBSD 7.0.
1. Download kernel patch here.
2. Patch kernel:

# cd /sys/dev/usb/
# patch < /root/e220-usb.diff

3. Rebuild and install kernel. Don’t forget to unload umass kernel.
4. Load module ubsa and umass by add in this line into  /boot/loader.conf file.


5. Reboot.
6. Check whether ubsa module has been loaded.

# kldstat

Id Refs Address    Size     Name
     1   20 0xc0400000 72e17c   kernel
     2    1 0xc0b2f000 e6a4     if_iwi.ko
     3    3 0xc0b3e000 2f9c     firmware.ko
     4    1 0xc0b41000 6cdc     ugen.ko
 5 1 0xc0b48000 75b4 umass.ko
     6    1 0xc0b50000 7958     ng_ubt.ko
     7    2 0xc0b58000 cb78     netgraph.ko
 8 1 0xc0b65000 2ef0 ubsa.ko
     9    2 0xc0b68000 4374     ucom.ko

7. Execute ‘dmesg’, find for ‘Huawei’ dan ‘ucom0’.

ucom0: at uhub1 port 1 (addr 2) disconnected
ucom0: HUAWEI Technologies HUAWEI Mobile, rev 1.10/0.00, addr 2

8. If the modem has been detected as ucom0 device, add this configuration into /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.

	set device /dev/cuaU0
	set speed 57600
	set phone *99#
	set authname
	set authkey
	set ifaddr
	set vj slotcomp off
	add default HISADDR

9. Dial ppp.

$ ppp three
ppp> dial
Look for 3 capital P, it means modem is connected to internet. And then test with ping:

$ ping

Check modem interface with ‘ifconfig’:

$ ifconfig tun0
tun0: flags=8051 mtu 1500
inet –> netmask 0xffffffff
Opened by PID 22997

PPP will timeout if has been idle for minutes. Use -dial to non-activate timeout.

# ppp -ddial three

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