Monthly Archives: March, 2008

True Type Fonts in FreeBSD

This is tutorial how to install true type font in FreeBSD. Load  freetype module in  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file inside “Module” section: Load “freetype” And then, create folder for True Type Font (.ttf). It has default location in /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/TTF. Copy all .ttf files to this folder (some files have Microsoft license, it is not legal to copy). Create fonts.dir…

Using Ports in FreeBSD

Ports is similar to package installer. It is used in BSD environment. To find ports: # whereis firefox To install ports: # cd /usr/ports/www/firefox # make install clean To uninstall ports: # cd /usr/ports/www/firefox # make deinstall

Install 3.5G Huawei E220 on FreeBSD

This is my note on installing Huawei E220 modem on FreeBSD 7.0. Requirements: 1. Download kernel patch here. 2. Patch kernel: # cd /sys/dev/usb/ # patch < /root/e220-usb.diff 3. Rebuild and install kernel. Don’t forget to unload umass kernel. 4. Load module ubsa and umass by add in this line into  /boot/loader.conf file. ubsa_load=”YES” umass_load=”YES” 5. Reboot.…

Install FreeBSD 7.0 on BENQ Laptop

Hardware specification: BENQ Joybook 2000 1.5 Ghz; RAM 512 MB First of all, download .iso file from There are 3 files to download: disk1 disk2 disk3 Burn all .iso files into CD, and then start installation using disk1. Step by step installation can be read on FreeBSD website. After finished with sysintall, we do…

Mount .iso File on FreeBSD

Create folder if it doesn’t exist: # mkdir /mnt/cdrom Create memory disk device: # mdconfig -a -t vnode -f file.iso -u 0 There will be /dev/md0 device. Mount device md0: # mount -t cd9660 /dev/md0 /mnt/cdrom Finish. To unmount: # umount /mnt/cdrom # mdconfig -d -u 0